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but I am sure glad it did!
Published on February 27, 2008 By ShadowWar In Blog Communities

Knowing me as many of you do, you know that I feel the main stream media is biased against the military, and particularly the current war on terrorism. You also know that I am a former US Army Soldier myself. With that in mind I am sure you remember me mentioning to you that I was starting a YouTube Channel where I would post positive videos about the things going on in the war on terror and especially those things our fine men and women of the military are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Because I thought that there had to be other people out there that thought as I did that they wanted to see and hear the positive news coming out of the middle east, and it appears I was right! Actually more than I could have ever hoped for.


I started my channel on March 13th, of 2007, almost one year ago. And at first having never done anything like this I had no idea how to get videos or even run a YouTube Channel. I found a video source inside the DoD and the channel was up. Well I figured if I reached about a couple of hundred people I would be very happy, then after I got a few hundred people in the first couple of weeks, I was happy to see the number of times my videos were viewed top 1000! But then something happened I had not expected. As things have a tendency to do on the internet, the video’s started getting posted other places with links back to my channel. And pretty soon, I noticed the number of people viewing the videos increasing faster and faster. Soon I was amazed when the number became closer to 100,000, and then 500,000!! That meant that the positive videos had been viewed by more than half a million people! And if even one of those people thought better about what our fighting men and women are doing over there. I quickly posted my 500th video in November of 2007 and as of yesterday I did something I never thought I would do, I hit the 1,000,000 videos viewed mark!! Imagine positive videos and news about the war on Iraq/ Afghanistan being viewed over 1 million times!! That’s close to 3000 of my videos being viewed daily!  There really is hope out there for the little guy trying to make a difference.


As a side positive outcome of all the time and effort I have spent, I have made friends with a Generals family, other military families, been invited to attend military ceremonies and made several hundred contacts who have sent great words of encouragement and feedback, things I never even thought of when I undertook this cause. Well I thought I would share this with you since I know your stance on our men and women in the military, and also I am looking forward to the 2 MILLION mark now!!


I hope you take a second to stop by and take a look, it’s become quite a labor of love. YouTube Channel “3rdID8487”

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