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Great advancement for personal security!
Published on April 14, 2011 By ShadowWar In Internet

Yahoo! has introduced a new feature that allows users to review their account’s log-in history for strange activity and signs of possible compromise. E-mail accounts are valuable for cyber criminals and can be compromised in a variety of ways, including via keyloggers or phishing. Since storage space is no longer a major issue, a lot of people fail to delete old e-mails. This is a security risk because those messages can contain passwords and sensitive information about other accounts. Besides the more traditional illegal activities such as spamming, compromised accounts can be used to send scam e-mails to the user’s own contacts, increasing the chances of finding 

someone willing to pay. The new feature is not limited to e-mail and covers all services provided under the same Yahoo! ID. The "Recent Login Activity" page lists logins by date, location, access client (browser, Y! Messenger), and the place of origin (Front Page, Mail, etc.). This information is used to establish a pattern, and if one login does not fit into it the entry is marked with an alert icon. The feature helps users take corrective action, such as changing their passwords, as quickly as possible in case of compromise. Source:




on Apr 14, 2011

Nice - and long past due - feature!  Gmail has had it for awhile.