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 One day after a hacker posted screen shots and data to a hacking mailing list, saying he had broken into a New Mexico wind turbine facility, the company that runs the turbines said it has seen no evidence of a computer intrusion. The hacker, who calls himself Bigr R, made the claims April 16, posting screenshots of the facility‘s management interface, screenshots of an FTP server and project management system, as well as Web server info and configuration data from a Cisco router. But NextEra Energy Resources, the company that manages the 200 megawatt Fort Sumner wind facility, said there is no evidence that it has been hacked. SCADA or supervisory control and data acquisition computer systems are used to manage industrial production at places such as factories, chemical companies, and utilities. A spokesman did not say exactly what information the hacker posted had previously been made public and what was not. PNM, the New Mexico utility company that uses the plant‘s energy, said April 17 that it knew of no incidents affecting the company‘s Fort Sumner facility. In an e-mail interview with the IDG News Service, Bigr R said he was a former employee of NextEra‘s parent company, Florida Power & Light. He said he used a bug in the Cisco Security Device Manager software used by NextEra to break into the site.

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