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Published on April 20, 2011 By ShadowWar In War on Terror

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

 Afghan and coalition forces detained several suspected insurgents yesterday in the Sayyidabad district of Afghanistan’s Wardak province, officials said.

Troops were searching for a Taliban leader responsible for planting roadside bombs to target security forces traveling along Highway 1.

In other news yesterday throughout Afghanistan:

-- Forces captured two suspected insurgents, including a Taliban militant connected to attacks on security forces, in Zabul province’s Shah Joy district.

-- Security forces in Khost province’s Sabari district captured two Haqqani network terrorists and another suspected insurgent with alleged ties to weapons trafficking and bombing attacks on coalition forces.

-- In Paktia province’s Dzadran district, troops arrested a Haqqani network terrorist leader who is responsible for planning and carrying out attacks on Afghan and coalition forces.

In operations April 18:

-- Security forces killed several armed insurgents in a gun battle after being ambushed in Kandahar province’s Zharay district.

-- Combined patrols discovered several weapons and drug stockpiles throughout Afghanistan. The operations resulted in seizure of 4,500 assault-rifle rounds, 208 12.7 mm rounds, 115 pounds of homemade explosives, 106 hand grenades, 62 blasting caps, 33 bolt-action rifles, 25 pounds of opium, 17 anti-tank mines, 17 land mines, 17 rocket-propelled grenades, 15 pounds of ammonium nitrate -– a banned fertilizer used in explosive devices -– eight assault rifles, 5 pounds of aluminum powder, four armored vests, four pressure plates, four propane tanks, three explosive devices, a pistol and assorted bomb-making materials.

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