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April 19, 2011 by ShadowWar
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facility storing melted fuel from the Three Mile Island nuclear plant has not done enough to address crumbling concrete modules encasing the radioactive material, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said in a letter made public April 15. The 30 dry shielded canisters at the DOE facility at Idaho National Laboratory contain melted fuel from the Three Mile Island-2 reactor core. The concrete modules are ―showing significant cracking and degradation...
February 17, 2011 by ShadowWar
Just in case you have not seen this:

Two years ago, Barack Obama was inaugurated as president of the United States.  

This is a partial chart on the impact his administration has had on the lives & pockets of Americans:

 January 2009


% chg


Avg. retail price/gallon gas in U.S.





Crude oil, European Brent (barrel)





Crude oil, West TX Inter. (barrel)

February 12, 2011 by ShadowWar
Good day,

I was lucky enough to get a chance to appear on our news talk radio station on Friday afternoon to guest speak on the some of the myths surrounding our vets. WSKY in North Central Florida. If you get a chance and want to learn about the facts surrounding our fine men and women of the military, try listening to this:

Be well and sleep safe tonight, because they are there.
June 4, 2009 by ShadowWar
FBI: Arkansas suspect researched locations in U.S. cities OK is this an indicator of things to come? Is this type of thing going to increase? It’s sad that almost as our own president is trying to talk to the Muslim world, the Muslim world makes a very big statement.Abdulhakim Muhammad, a 23 year old Muslim, opened fire in front of an Army Recruiting station in Little Rock, killing one soldier and wounding another. What he did not know is they were not recruiters, but soldiers that had jus...
January 22, 2009 by ShadowWar
I have a few concerns and questions about the current administrations ideas and what they have talked about possible actions when it comes to the job market and economic crisis that it is said we have.

There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.2 million LEGAL immigrants that come into the United States every year. This of course does not include the ILLEGAL aliens that cross our borders every day. The current administration would have to create over 100,000 jobs a month in the US...
October 13, 2008 by ShadowWar
I got one of those stupid forwarded e-mails that no one bothers to check before they send, you know, the ones that say something sensational, yet when you do a little checking you find no substance or supporting information. Well I got one this mornig that made me look, and even check a little to see if there was any truth, because if there was, WOW would it be a bombshell if it made it to the main stream media (fat chance).

The title was "Clintons File RICO Suit Against Obama - ACORN Stole t...
October 6, 2008 by ShadowWar
I have to say I am feeling a little of both self rightious and down hearted. I decried the Wall Street Bail out or rescue or whatever term you wish to call it (call it useless now!!) when I heard about it and researched what I could. Why bail out a bunch of people that basically got themselve into this problem to begin with.

I said to my friends, who of course get tired of my political rants, but listen anyway as form of entertainment, that this stupid, moronic bailout was not the way to...
October 6, 2008 by ShadowWar
OK I am at a loss (not really) as to why my gas price at the pump is not dropping gat the same rate as the drop in a price per barrel for crude. Crude prices have dropped to below $100 a barrel yet my gas prices are not dropping like they go up.

So I wanted to see this in a form I can understand so I found a place I could chart it with some accuracy. And here is what I found. I compared crude oil prices with the average US Gasoline at the pump price. And WOW was I surprised. While gas follows...
July 2, 2008 by ShadowWar
Well being a cop for as long as I have (28 years +) I think its funny to watch peoples reaction when they ask me what I think of private citizens owning firearms, and I tell them that I think everyone who wants to and is capable should be able to carry one if they want. I know that sounds funny coming from a cop, but if more people properly carried firearms, I truly think violent crime would decrease.

The reasoning behind that is that criminals would know that the chances of their victim...
July 1, 2008 by ShadowWar
John McCain has a few things that are not generally known. One of which is he has a Son serving in Iraq in the Marines. That to me makes the mans judgment on Iraq and things like it, more cautious and careful, exactly what I want. If a man is willing to put his own son in danger, then he must have a really good reason.

In addition, It is being kept very quiet, for obvious reasons, but he is serving in Iraq right now. And I found out some other very interesting stuff, had to get it from Israel...
June 20, 2008 by ShadowWar
A 27 year old man beat, stomped, kicked and otherwise brutally beat an infant to death in front of people on a highway. Bystanders said they "tried" to "intervene" but the man pushed them away. The man was finally fatally shot to death by a police officer that had to get to the scene via a helicopter.

From the news report: "What we got from witnesses is he was punching, slapping, kicking, stomping, shaking," Singh said. "They tried to intervene and get involved, but their efforts really didn'...
June 19, 2008 by ShadowWar
Because most people (hence the numbers) do not research things for themselves and believe anything they are fed by the media in general. They do not look at other news or sources of information to make up their own minds about things that the President has said or done. They have been brainwashed by the main stream media. Even when the main stream media says something that is against what they want to believe they will not except it...

 They hear something that fits with what they want t...
February 17, 2008 by ShadowWar
The other day I was reading and posting on a polictical disscussion board when one of the posters wrote a post that quoted a news article and what he wrote was not so shocking as was his response to some posters who responded to it. Here is the orginal post:

Police set to search for guns at homes

As Boston police prepare to go into some of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods, knock on doors of private houses, and ask i...
January 7, 2008 by ShadowWar
As many of you that read my blog on a regular basis know I am a old veteran and really have a soft spot for our recent vets. In addition many of you may or may not know that I am also the Police Academy Commander at a Police Academy in North Central Florida. Well with that said I got a telephone call this morning that really bothered me and though many of you would find it interesting and maybe a disturbing, like I did. I was disheartened to get a call from one of my new police recruits and a fe...
May 15, 2007 by ShadowWar
Senator Mitch McConnell, the ranking Republican in the Senate, earned himself an armchair general award over the weekend....speaking with CNN (aptly enough), he was harshly critical of Iraq's progress to date:

"The Iraqi government is a huge disappointment," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNN'S Late Edition on Sunday.

"So far, they've not been able do anything they promised on the political side," the Kentucky Republican said, citing the Iraqis' failure to pass a new oil reven...